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Sep 6, 2012 10:00pm PDT
cullen is a columnist for "the boston globe." back in the 1980s, he helped break the story about the fbi protecting a known mob boss named whitey bulger. to cullen, this case set not on the gritty back streets of boston but the open hallways of south hadley high was in some ways just a different kind of mob story. >> what i found remarkable is that when i started talking to the kids in the school, the story was incredibly consistent, that everybody kind of knew this was going on. >> reporter: everybody knew phoebe was being harassed? >> yeah. >> reporter: not only that, he says, every kid seemed to know exactly who at school had bullied phoebe. her tormenters were still roaming the halls. >> that led to a real chilling effect among other kids that knew what happened. they were afraid to come forward and say what they knew, because as they saw it, nothing was going to happen to the bullies because some of them were the most popular kids on -- in that school. >> reporter: but what bothered cullen most was when he heard that phoebe's classmates had held their annual school dance just two da
Sep 8, 2012 5:00pm PDT
lessens from a gold medal olympian with a passion for water safety. cullen jones won three gold medals in london, but he said swim lessons were far and few between for him when he was young and he didn't learn to swim until he had a close call. >> i grew up in the inner city in new jersey and i knew it was an alarming rate and i didn't think it was that bad until i started to think about my own family and friends who didn't know how to swim and i myself almost drowned at 5 and ironically became an olympic gold medalist but it was my way of giving back to a sport who has given me so much. >> 70% of african-american children and 60% of hispanics don't know how to swim. they parent parents to start thinking of swimming as a necessary life skill rather than recreation. >>> and coming up next at 5:00, a bay area community comes together to fund a search for a missing college student. what they say they'll do to help his family. >>> and prison versus schools. a disturbing trend in california exposed from the guard salaries to prison construction and classroom cuts. where your money's going a
Sep 8, 2012 11:00pm PDT
received some free swim lessons today from a gold medal olympian with a passion for water safety. cullen jones won three medals in london. where he grew up, swim lessons were few and far between. he said he did not learn to swim until he had a very close call. >> i grew up in the inner city in new jersey. i knew this was an alarming rate. i didn't think it was that bad until i started to think of my own family and friends that couldn't swim and i myself almost drowned at five and i became an olympic gold medalist. this is my way of giving back to a sport that gave me so much. >> reporter: the make a splash program wants parents to think of swimming as a necessary life skill, rather than recreation. >>> coming up next at 11:00, the joke president obama made on the campaign trail that caught people's attention a bit. >>> plus, a startling sight, tornados in some unlikely places and leave a trail of damage behind, as well. and a change in the forecast. the city looks beautiful tonight, doesn't it? ♪ ♪ [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the moist,
Sep 29, 2012 2:30pm PDT
, healthy lifestyles. >> cullen jones won a gold medal for swimming, but the advice he serves up is, any sport will do. >> get up, go play basketball, go swim, go do other things. be healthy. >> the olympians joined with the u.s.t.a. in response to a call for action from the white house. >> you know, the first lady has really challenged everybody to unite around our kids to raise a healthier generation. >> we just got to get as many kids as we can moving, playing tennis, fencing, whatever it is. we just have a huge issue that we got to tackle. >> i'm very into kids getting fit. i'm actually a mother, and i have 6-year-old, and i actually -- i think people think i'm, like, psycho mom, but i have her in some kind of sport after school every day. >> the u.s.t.a.'s commitment goes well beyond this one day. it's building or restoring 3,000 tennis courts across the country and training 12,000 coaches. that's why actress and tennis mom christine taylor is happy to join the fun. >> to be able to combine the country's al and the u.s.t.a.'s goal and being able to sort of put it all together today
Sep 24, 2012 4:30pm PDT
popular in the late 90's. ruben ramirez reports. >> reporter: dick evans is the c.e.o. of cullen/frost bankers. frost has 115 branches around texas. he says checking account fees are going up because of increased government regulation that went into effect a year ago. frost started looking for ways to simplify fees five years ago. its basic account carries a $5 monthly fee. but like many banks, if the account balance is above a certain level, the fee is waived. >> we haveound that this account that i just described to you is excellence at a fair price. we give the quality service and it's a fair price and we have found that our customers embrace it. >> reporter: evans puts the cost of new bank regulation on the industry at $13 billion, a cost that's being passed on to consumers. according to a new survey by bankrate, the percentage of free checking accounts offered by banks continues to drop, only 39% of non-interest checking accounts are available to all customers free of charge, that's down nearly 50% in the past three years. other banking fees are also on the rise: >> we conti
Sep 8, 2012 7:00am PDT
to win the fight at oracle arena tonight. >>> why cullen jones is in the bay area today and who he is trying to help. >> and cleanup is getting under way this morning in oklahoma, after a deadly storm killed four, including three members of the same family. . >>> good morning to you. we have another beautiful day in store for your saturday. outside the doors this morning, a bit of a cool start, a few patches of low clouds moving across the bay and into the east bay. a little bit of fog reported in santa rosa. we'll take a closer look at your neighborhood, coming up. . >>> emergency supplies are starting to arrive to areas of southern china where multiple earthquakes struck yesterday. 80 people are now confirmed dead and more than 100,000 were forced out of their homes. the government has set up 200 tents for shelter and sent food and drinking water to the disaster zones. the earthquakes range from a 4.8 to a 5.6 magnitude. >>> cleanup begins this morning after a deadly storm hits parts of oklahoma yesterday. four people died in that storm. one couple, along with their granddaughter
Sep 7, 2012 6:00pm PDT
medal swimmers teaching local kids how to swim. cullen jones will make a splash in san jose tomorrow morning. but it's not just for fun, after almost drowning as a child, jones wants the kids to be safe. now he's teamed up with a make a splash foundation to teach millions of kids how to swim. it's a free swim lessons by a gold medalist. >>> just a few of the big names taking part in tonight's benefit at the shrine auditorium in los angeles. for networks dozens of cable networks will air the telethon. of course you can watch it right here on nbc bay area tonight at 8:00. >> that's going to do it for us, but first we do have scott budman with more local news at 7:00. >> at 7:00, we're going to talk politics, we're going to talk reaction to the clint eastwood speech at the republican convention and we're going to talk got job numbers and how they relate to the scene. >> have a great night, we hope to see you at 11:00 as well.
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Sep 24, 2012 3:00am PDT
, which is a big piece of our film. we follow one of the people in it, state senator named tim cullen, a democrat, who is caught in the middle. he's trying negotiate with governor walk tore end the stand-off over collective bargaining. and it's one of the tragic moments, i think, is that the political polarization that so captured our country plays out in janesville. so you have tim cullen trying to negotiate an end to the stand-off and governor walking when he was talking to what he thought was a koch brother was telling him, i wouldn't talk to tim cullen because he's a pragmatist, he's trying get something done. if anything, i plea for -- go ahead. >> brian: nonpartisanship. you want to tell a story. i thought it was interesting because there was controversy after paul ryan's speech because he mentioned janesville and the gm plant that president obama promise to do reopen and it hasn't, it closed. where do you stand on that? >> personally, i don't really take a stand, but in terms of a film maker who made a film that i hope is going to teach thaws political polarization stands in th
Sep 9, 2012 12:00am EDT
the argument should he just a strong whether you know gay people are not. cullen. .. >> use the cases like a crescendo to refer in mexico who was forced. >> photograph wedding. the 13th amendment takes care of that. >> also a church that was denied tax-exempt status because it would not read doubt the gazebo to the same sex couple also of hospital bet does not recognize certain health benefits. >> i totally understand those positions and i agree but it is a bait-and-switch. why would you talk about the photographer with same-sex marriage rates? you are comparing apples and oranges. they're perfectly fine with them with race, creed, religion, only with sexual orientation they have of freedom of concern. while i agree they could be consistent to say i a don't believe accommodation losses are correct. >> let me disagree slightly. the public accommodation, have exceptions for cases close to you. if you have an apartment unit you are not necessarily covered by them. you don't have to rent out the basement apartment so in these cases should the clergymen to be able to officiate although the supr
Sep 18, 2012 12:00am PDT
to human action matched what many other climate change believers have been saying. including william cullen, a senior scientist at lawrence-berkeley laboratory. he acknowledges that natural warming and cooling periods have occurred for eons, but the warming occurring now is off rhythm. >> what we're seeing now is occurring much faster rather than happening over tens of thousands of years, we're seeing very rapid change occurring on just a time scale of a single century. this time line is showing how the temperature all over the globe has changed since the beginning of the 20th century. look at how warm california has gotten, four or five degrees hotter than historical climate. >> reporter: and he concludes that man is a big contributor. >> what man has been doing is enhancing the greenhouse effect by taking carbon dioxide that was formed over the last half a billion years and releasing that carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas back into the err's atmosphere. >> reporter: yet many of those believers were annoyed that muller's conversion got more attention in the media than their reports
Sep 15, 2012 4:30pm EDT
shirt next to the poster child, on front line, name is matt cullen, the district attorney, the chief prosecutor for the coupe, and there's the board of supervisors who started the problem, a big supporter of the program, and all the panel designed for local cap bis farmer to ask questions about how they can legally grow. you have all the guys sitting at the table, and television a q&a like after the talk, people saying, yeah, dave, listen, i know nose plant limit is 99, but i grow from seed rather than cone. i don't know the sex of the plant. the farmers only want female plants because that's where the flowers and medicine is from. male plants, unless you are doing breeding, are irrelevant. dave, can i do 150 plants before 99 before i sex them and then i can go down to 989 after i sex them? this was an inside the bubble event. therethere's the local member of commerce, farm bureau, good standing, chatting it up with the head prosecutor of the county. ladies and gentlemen of america, the drug war is unnecessary, and it's going to be over soon, i promise. hold me to it. meanwhile, cand
Sep 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. cudina neil james cudmore thomas patrick cullen lll joyce cummings brian thomas cummins michael cunningham robert curatolo laurence damian curia paul dario curioli beverly curry andrew peters charles green. michael s. curtin gavin cushny carlos as dacosta. brian powell vow. thomas a. damaskinos and my brother, fred mercury. we miss you so much. we're all here and your friends miss you, too. >> and my cousin, port authority police officer come you are angel camacho everyday. you will never be forgotten. jeannine marie damiani-jones patrick w. danahy mary san antonio. dwight donald darcy elizabeth ann darling annette andrea dataram lawrence davidson michael allen davidson scott matthew davidson titus davidson niurka davila ada and davis clinton davis wayne terrial davis anthony richard dawson calvin dawson edward james day william tomas dean. robert jay deangelis junior. thomas patrick deangelis. thomas patrick deangelis tara e. debek james v. deblase anna marjia debin and my uncle, even though i was only two years old when he left us, i still remember playing in the bullpen with
Sep 7, 2012 7:00am PDT
. california authorities say the findings don't reflect the whole picture of the efforts. >>> 8:37. cullen jones the first african american world record swimmer will hold free swimming lessons in san jose this weekend. the event begins at 9 tomorrow at the fair swim center. it's part of a national tour called make a splash which focuses on teaching minority students how to swim. he is a 2-time olympic medalist and won a gold in london and apparently nearly drowned as a child so he knows the fear that young children can have about swimming. so it's pretty poignant he will do that tomorrow. >> good. >>> hey tara are we doing good on 580. >> reporter: pretty slow going through oak lan. we have a pair of -- oakland. we have a pair of accident one east and one westbound near the gulf links road area and they are causing a backup. and in san francisco, we had a stalled car 101 southbound. there you go at 9th street exit. that area pretty good because of different freeways merging there. so hopefully it will clear soon. and up next we have a live look at highway 24 through lafayette. sluggish wes
Sep 10, 2012 12:00pm EDT
that courtney zinner and jessica cullen be granted floor privileges for the duration of today's proceedings. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. harkin: mr. president, i yield the floor and note the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll. quorum call: quorum call: quorum call: quorum call: the presiding officer: the senator from georgia. a senator: is the senate in a quorum call? the presiding officer: yes, we are. mr. isakson: i ask the quorum call be vitiated. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. isakson: i ask to address the senate as if in morning business. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. isakson: let me ask unanimous consent to introduce a seven-page eulogy that appeared in the marietta daily journal on sunday of this week and have it incorporated as a part of the record. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. isakson: the reason i want to submit the eulogy is it is a poignant yule just of many of the accomplishments of one of my very best close friends, otis brumby jr. i could read all those accomplishments if i
Sep 23, 2012 12:00am EDT
? visas yes, he is dead. cullen visas yes, he is dead. .. >> two men who hated each other all their lives. at the time kennedy is having lunch. he had a house called hickory hill in virginia. there is the long green lawn. robert kennedy is sitting added table with the u.s. attorney for new york and two things have been simultaneously. all of a sudden the house is being painted then all of the sudden he grabs the transistor radio and comes down the radio and starts to run toward us the end of the telephone rings on the table. a full kennedy gets up and answers it and says it this is j. edgar hoover telling him his brother was hit and probably killed. so johnson went into president kennedy's bedroom and called robert kennedy. and asks for the details and the exact wording he should take. is johnson taking revenge for all of the humiliation robert kennedy and reflected on him? was there other motives? i don't know. but robert kennedy patches and the deputy to the call. and he said anyone of 100 officials could have given him the information and he should not have made the call. my asked murr
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)